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Arc’teryx Hyllus Hat

I can’t seem to find a warm hat I like. They get sweaty when I’m playing hard, then freeze my noggin when I’m standing still.

Arc’teryx Hyllus Hat

Arc’teryx Hyllus Hat Photo: Courtesy of Arc'teryx

With a design clearly grounded in the Elmer Fudd school, Arc’teryx has lent a playful look to the highly engineered Hyllus Hat. The principal material—Polartec Power Shield O2 High Loft—blocks 96 percent of the wind while remaining breathable and water-repellant. Plus, High Loft has a warm, velour inner lining and an outer membrane that transfers twice the sweat off your head than competing technical fabrics. Other nice features: grommets attach to a chinstrap and the foam brim can be folded under a helmet. And if you don’t want the color to scream, “Where’s dat wabbit?” it also comes in a more toned-down grey or brown. 1.7 oz; $59

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