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Best Coaching App for Power-Song Junkies: Nike+ Running

I have a marathon coming up in a few months. How can I get online coaching tailored to my ability? Oh, and how can I get it for free?

Best Coaching App for Power-Song Junkies: Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running Photo: Courtesy of Nike

The integrated music player on Nike’s app slings adrenaline mixes like none other. While you follow Alberto Salazar's training plans, the app tracks your progress and announces your splits with canned voices. (Too bad you can’t get the voice of the notoriously grouchy Salazar himself, which would probably say things like, “What the $#!*?@? You haven’t hit any of the splits.”) Sadly, Salazar’s coaching methods are reduced in this application to a one-size-fits-all plan. It’s too generic for anyone to implement well.

Arguably the greatest American running coach alive (cf. the accomplishments of American track runners in London last summer).

Celebrity athletes offer peppy encouragement; generic computer voices announce splits.

Free; for iPhone and Android.

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