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The Best Cell-Phone Tripods: Glif+ Tripod Mount

I’m starting to get into slow-shutter photography and other artistic effects using my iPhone. What are the best tripods for keeping my phone completely still while taking pictures?

The Best Cell-Phone Tripods: Glif+ Tripod Mount

Glif+ tripod mount for iPhone. Photo: Courtesy of Glif

This mount gives you the bare essentials for affixing your phone to any tripod, from Joby’s GorrillaPod to your Aunt Eunice's old tripod. The “plus” in Glif+ means the product comes with an extra little arm to hold your iPhone even tighter (probably a good idea in the outdoors). Glif products only work on iPhones without a case.

WEIGHT: Under an ounce.
COMPATIBLE WITH: iPhone 4/4s/5.
PRICE: $30.

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