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The Best Camping Grills: BioLite Portable Grill

I love to grill—steaks, veggies, sausages, anything. How can I bring my grill camping with me?

The Best Camping Grills: BioLite Portable Grill

BioLite Portable Grill. Photo: Courtesy of BioLite

Next month, BioLite will release a grill attachment for its unusual wood-burning, fan-powered stove. When we first tried the BioLite, we were impressed with the concept, a cookstove that runs on sticks and forest debris and charges your cell phone via an embedded thermal generator.

The stainless steel grill will benefit from this technology, since the BioLite’s internal fan blows air through the wood, ensuring consistently high heat. The steel refueling lid on one edge makes it easy to toss in wood, and the fold-up legs add stability.

WEIGHT: 3.0 pounds (including the weight of the stove)
55 square inches (about two hamburgers)
$60 (ships in April, and requires BioLite Camp Stove, $130)

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