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Car-Camping Comfort Gear: Tarp

We're going for an epic, cross-country road trip. Weight isn’t an issue, so we're excited to load up on gear that we normally wouldn't have in the backcountry. What are three pieces of gear that you think really make for a great car-camping trip?

Car-Camping Comfort Gear: Tarp

Sure, the good old blue tarp from the hardware store can serve a lot of functions. But looking good and working well aren’t two of them. Kelty’s Noah’s Tarp ($90) solves that problem. It sets up in several configurations, creating flexible shelter to keep off the elements. You can use your own poles or nearby trees for support, or buy Kelty tarp poles for $40 each. The Noah’s Tarp sets up tautly and is large enough to cover both a picnic table and a few camp chairs near the fire pit.

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