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Glass Water Bottles: CamelBak Glass Eddy

How breakable are the new glass water bottles? Can you take them outdoors, or are they only for the office?

Glass Water Bottles: CamelBak Glass Eddy

Crash Test: The Camelbak Glass Eddy. Photo: Bob Parks

The $25 Glass Eddy is CamelBak’s marriage of ancient and modern materials. It uses thick, durable glass made in France. The plastic cap includes a high-volume bite valve of medical grade silicon, a straw for drinking with the bottle upright, and a shielded plastic vent to prevent leaks. The glass version of the Eddy weighs a whopping 18 ounces, however, and comes in just one size—24 ounces of water. If that’s too heavy for the trail, think of it as the Cadillac of hydration systems for the workplace.

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