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Glass Water Bottles: Bamboo Bottle Company Bamboo Bottle

How breakable are the new glass water bottles? Can you take them outdoors, or are they only for the office?

Glass Water Bottles: Bamboo Bottle Company Bamboo Bottle

Bamboo Bottle Company Bamboo Bottle Photo: Courtesy of Bamboo Bottle Compan

This bamboo-covered bottle from the material-named company is the least sporty of the bunch, but the most versatile. It’s heaviest at 20 ounces empty, but you can get it with a screw top, flip top, or a special cover for hot liquids (clam chowder at the summit?). While the other bottles in this lineup can’t stand heat, the bamboo exterior insulates the glass container. The 51 percent recycled glass also features a thread at both top and bottom, so you can completely disassemble it for the dishwasher. Online reviews are positive on balance, though users report minor leaks and grouse at the hassle of removing all the parts for cleaning. Sounds a little like the classic XGK stove—heavy, requires maintenance, beautifully designed. $25

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