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Any thoughts on a good baby stroller to use when hiking?

Has Outside Online tested any jogging strollers lately, and where might I find the reviews? I'm looking for a jogging stroller to use mostly for hiking and walking (no running). Felicia Norwalk, Connecticut

A: I don't think either Outside Online or the magazine has tested those of late, but I can help.

Sport Utility Stroller

One of the very best is the B.O.B. Sport Utility Stroller ($295; It has a full-suspension system for comfort, an extremely rugged frame, and big polymer wheels that roll over just about anything. You could take this on bike and jogging trails, on good hiking trails (with minimal roots and rocks), and on the road. For its occupant, it has a reclining seat, full harness, and an easily adjustable rain/sun shade. That'll be one spoiled baby!

Another good one is Kelty's Joyrider, with 16- and 20-inch wheel configurations ($320-$340; Big wheels like the B.O.B., but without suspension. It's rigged out with handy bicycle-style brakes, a full harness, and fold-down design for easy storage. Like the B.O.B. jogger, it's designed for use on roads or for walks on good trails.

My advice: Start with these two brands, then ask around. Find parents out with their kids in a stroller. They're going to be your best resource. Also, go to a store and look at several models, paying particular attention to how easily they set up and knock down. Perform that task one-handed—you'll likely have a squirming armload while attempting to set up a stroller in the field.

Lead Photo: courtesy, B.O.B.
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