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What's a good tent for sea-kayaking expeditions?

I plan on doing a sea-kayaking expedition, so in the market for a durable, easily compactable single- or two-person tent to take with me. Something that stashes away and sets up easily. Any ideas? Arthur Spartanburg, South Carolina

A: All sorts of choices. You're on your own, right? I'd get a two-person tent, as weight isn't a big issue in a kayak and you'll be much happier with the extra space. Plus, you'll have room for a partner if you ever decide to end your hermitic ways and find another water-seeker with whom to do some intimate bonding.


Only about a gazillion choices. REI's Quarter Dome UL ($229; is light at just under four pounds—pretty amazing for a true double-wall tent—has enough room for two, is palatial for one, and has double doors and a top vent for plenty of air flow.

For a somewhat roomier and beefier tent, Mountain Hardwear's Hammerhead 2 ($245; has more floor space and a big mesh ceiling for stargazing. And Marmot's Hypno ($349; has interesting pre-bent poles that help create walls that are more vertical, for a greater feeling of spaciousness. Plus, Marmot's quality always is top-notch.

For a true solo tent, Hilleberg's Akto ($345; is a super-sturdy all-weather tent that can withstand any coastal storm you might encounter. Very light, too—two pounds, 14 ounces. For something a little more relaxed and airy, the Big Agnes one-person Seedhouse Superlight is the ticket ($229; It's tall, sturdy, and well vented. What more could you want?

Lead Photo: courtesy, Hilleberg