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What’s the Best Running Solution for Icy Roads?

A chill is in the air, and it feels like my morning jaunts are under threat. How should I prepare to keep running through the winter?

What’s the Best Running Solution for Icy Roads?

Photo: Tomasz Darul

It’s probably a month out until the black ice starts to form on cold roads here in Vermont, but I vow to be ready this year. In years past, I’ve spilled hard a couple of times because I underestimated the slickness of the winter pavement. Then, I cheaped out and bought low-end Yaktrax Walk, ones that aren’t made for running, and they wore out fast. The springs broke, the rubber snapped, and they started falling off at odd moments. I went through three pairs in as many months. I do love Yaktrax, though, so I was excited to hear that the North Carolina-based company released a new version for runners for the upcoming season, called the Yaktrax Run.

After the jump, we’ll look at the new Runs in detail, and also try out a favorite low-rent alternative of many runners: the age-old practice of winterizing any pair of running shoes with a handful of sheet metal screws.

Yaktrax Run
Sheet Metal Screws

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