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How much should I spend on a good pocket knife?

I'd like to get a new pocket knife but recoil at the price tags I've recently witnessed. Is there a good reason to buy a $200 pocket knife? Scott Kingston, Ontario


I was initially going to chide you for making a less than satisfactory stab (pun intended) at irony, thinking that you thought we’d recoil in horror at the very idea of a “$200 pocket knife," when to really make sure we got the joke it would have been better to use wild exaggeration, as in, “I saw a pocket knife the other day that cost eleventy million dollars."

Gerber F.A.S.T. Draw knife

F.A.S.T. Draw knife

But you CAN spend $200 on a pocketknife. An example: The Buck Chipflint Skinner ($200; features 420HC stainless steel—a steel that holds an edge and resists corrosion but is not so hard as to make it difficult to sharpen. And it has a buffalo-horn handle. I mean, good grief!

But look, what you’re buying is, to some extent, a fashion statement. You get a similar steel (chromium-and-carbon alloy 154CM stainless)—that’s what really matters—in Cabela’s Alpha Hunter knives, which are made by Buck and sell for $55 and up. Or there’s the very slick Kershaw Leek knife ($80;, which has a folding blade and excellent steel. Or the Gerber F.A.S.T. Draw with a serrated blade ($40;, also folding.

On the tool/knife front, there’s the always popular Swiss Army Camper ($27;, which is trim enough to fit comfortably in a pocket. And it has two blades, a small saw, can opener, reamer, and more. It’s extremely handy when you just want a knife for everyday tasks.

So—yeah, yeah—if you spend a lot more, you get a little spiffier knife. But there’s no reason to go over $80, almost regardless of what you want to do with the knife, whether it’s to gut an elk or open an envelope.

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