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The Best Dutch Oven Accessories

I want to go beyond normal camp food for my next trip. I'm talking cobbler, cornbread, even pizza. What should I do?

The Best Dutch Oven Accessories

Photo: Courtesy of GSI/Camp Chef

GSI Dutch Oven Econo Lid Lifter
An essential tool for a hot dutch oven, the lid lifter works well with the GSI model described earlier. If you have a different oven, keep in mind that lifters typically vary according to size and manufacturer. $15

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Bag
Dutch ovens can get dirty after use. A sturdy polypropylene bag protects your clothes and backpack from soot on the outside—and, if you are lazy like us, leftover au jus from the inside. $25

Camp Recipes! App
The only truly great culinary app for the outdoors, Camp Recipes! for the iPhone has more than 700 ideas, including a whole category for Dutch ovens. The database works offline, too. $1.99

Camp Chef 50-Inch Dutch Oven Tripod
For comfort camping with a Civil War-era edge, a Dutch oven tripod attaches to the wire bail handle and offers flexibility for making different types of dishes above a fire; it also makes fire maintenance easier. $44

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