How can I incorporate the luxury of hot java into my light-hiking routine?

I love to go on light hikes (carrying only a hydration bladder) with my dog. But being a java junkie, I would like to know the best way to have hot coffee at my destination without adding too much weight. I have thought of using a dog pack, but my super-active pointer just won’t have it. Christopher Brooklyn, New York


Now, let me get this straight. You want to go hiking. You want to have a cup of hot coffee at the turnaround point. All very understandable. But if I read your question correctly, you want the dog to carry the coffee equipment! Do I understand this correctly?

Gaz Turbo Stove

Gaz Turbo Stove

Fortunately, it appears the pointer has the upper hand and has thus far foiled your scheme. So the question becomes: What are YOU going to carry so you have hot coffee? Well, there’s always an insulated Thermos-type bottle. The Zojirushi Tuff Slim Vacuum half-liter bottle ($36; would do nicely, holding a couple of cups. Total weight, with coffee, would be about two pounds. I believe you can manage that.

The alternative is to make coffee on location. That gets a little more complex but is do-able. I prefer the GSI Lexan Coffee Press ($18;, which weights 6.9 ounces and holds ten ounces of coffee. It’s a French-style press and works fabulously well—I wouldn’t go on a bike tour without one, and it gets serious consideration even when backpacking. Of course, then you have to heat the water. The Gaz Turbo is light, reliable, and inexpensive ($28; MSR’s 475ml Stowaway Pot ($16; would probably hold the whole thing.

If you can shell out a bit more dough, check out MSR’s PocketRocket/Titan Kettle Kit ($80). The kit includes the ultralight PocketRocket canister stove, which fits inside the kettle (also included), which doubles as a mug (but it’ll be hot). All for only 7.3 ounces. Either way you go, you’ll have hot java in no time.

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