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Which paddling jacket can double as raingear around cp?

I planning a week-long sea-kayaking trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands, so I need a paddling jacket that ideally could double as raingear around cp. Most jackets I have tried are clmy and hot. Does such a beast exist in Gore-Tex or some such "breathable" cloth? Tim Toronto, Ontario

A: Well, for starters, there's nothing inherently magical about a paddling jacket. They're designed for boating, of course, with a shorter cut than a jacket you'd take backpacking, sleeves that seal a little better, and some pockets and snaps placed advantageously for boating. But really, you could simply wear a favored piece of rain gear and be just dandy.

Na Pali

Kokatat even makes a paddling jacket that for all the world looks like an everyday piece. Called the Paclite Full-Zip Jacket ($299;, it's made with Gore's ultralight version of Gore-Tex, a good choice for a piece such as this where a lot of abrasion on mud and dirt is not likely. As the name implies it has a full front zipper, and also a hood for those really wet days. Kayak-specific features include a left sleeve pocket for must-reach accessories, fast-draining pockets, and splash-proof cuffs. So it’ll work well in the boat or in camp.

NRS makes something similar called the Na Pali Semi Dry jacket, which sells for $200 ( Like the Kokatat Paclite, it looks a lot like a traditional rainjacket, with a full hood and moderately long cut. It has a three-quarter zip rather than a full zip, latex gaskets at the wrists, and two high chest pockets plus two sleeve pockets. The fabric is a proprietary waterproof-breathable, so breathability is perhaps a bit less than Gore-Tex, but not bad.

For my money, you'd also do fine with REI's Taku jacket ($199;, which uses a new waterproof-breathable laminate developed by REI. It has a cut designed for full motion, and torso panels that have stretch material. Two high chest pockets give you plenty of storage space. And while it doesn't have elastic sleeve seals, its hook-and-loop closures will keep most moisture out if you stick an arm in the water. I think it would be a great paddling jacket, myself.

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