The Best Marathons for Travelers: Honolulu Marathon

I don’t want to run just any old urban marathon: I'm looking for a destination race that will let me combine an incredible trip with my athletic endeavors. Any ideas?

Jul 18, 2013
Outside Magazine
honolulu marathon

   Photo: Matt Gold/Flickr


This late-season race follows the Oahu coastline through central and suburban Honolulu, Hawaii’s biggest city, passing through beach parks, across tourist-heavy Waikiki, and along the edge of the famous Diamond Head. Before or after the race, you can take your pick of Hawaii’s beaches and water sports, or hit the hills for a hike.

There’s no qualifying time, and no cap on the number of runners who can enter, though fees are substantially lower if you register early. The next Honolulu Marathon happens December 8, 2013.

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