The Best Marathons for Travelers: Northwest Passage Marathon

I don’t want to run just any old urban marathon: I'm looking for a destination race that will let me combine an incredible trip with my athletic endeavors. Any ideas?

Jul 18, 2013
Outside Magazine
northwest passage marathon best

   Photo: Courtesy of Arctic Watch


The Northwest Passage Marathon begins and ends at a remote wilderness lodge on Somerset Island in Canada’s High Arctic, and follows a loop that includes stretches of shoreline along the fabled passage itself. Expect to share the trail with wildlife, including muskox, beluga whales, and, occasionally, polar bears. The race takes place in early July, when the sun never sets and the frozen land thaws out briefly.

This is another race that requires a package booking rather than a simple entry fee; your tour gets you accommodation, meals, wildlife-spotting excursions and transportation to the lodge from Yellowknife, Canada’s northernmost major city.

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