Best Eco-Lodges: Kicking Horse River Lodge, British Columbia

I’m a pretty sustainably minded person and for my next vacation, I want to go to a low-impact resort that’s not too insanely far from home. What are the best eco-lodges in North America?

Feb 6, 2013
Outside Magazine
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Kicking Horse River Lodge has an impressively small carbon footprint.    Photo: Courtesy of Kicking Horse River Lodge


When you think of the world’s great eco-lodges, the tropics—and not a Canadian ski area—usually come to mind. Built in a nook between the Rocky and Purcell mountains and only minutes from the Kicking Horse Ski Resort, the alpine-chic-but-homey Kicking Horse River Lodge has 15 private rooms, two 16-person dorm rooms, and an impressive green resume. Most notably, its geothermal heating and cooling system and the hydroelectric energy that powers the building shrink its carbon footprint to tiny levels. Dorm rooms start at $36 per night.