The Best Southeastern Outfitters: Mountain Crossings Outfitter, Neels Gap, Georgia

I’m a backpacker and gearhead who's moving to Charlottesville, Virginia. What are the best outfitters for me in the Southeast?

Nov 13, 2012
Outside Magazine
Mountain Crossings

Walasi-yi.    Photo: Thomsonmg9000


Also known as Walasi-Yi, this tiny store, which occupies a stone building constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps nearly 80 years ago, doesn’t boast an amazing selection of products. Instead, its advantage is in its location: the Appalachian Trail actually passes through the building. The store is a three-day hike from the AT’s starting point, Springer Mountain, so most hikers use the stop here to stay at Mountain Crossings' hostel and assess what gear they need to jettison or buy at the shop.

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