What Are the Best Running Camps?

I want to get in shape for the fall marathon season. What are the best adult running camps in the U.S.?

Aug 7, 2012
Outside Magazine
Craftsbury running camp

Running on Craftsbury's lakeside campus    Photo: Kris Dobie


Far from just being an excuse to relive your childhood summers, going to a running camp is a fast way to shore up your weaknesses as a racer and improve your long-term performance. The main benefit isn’t the workouts—though you’ll log plenty of miles while you’re there. It’s the chance to get advice on nutrition, stretching, managing your training, and hydration from some of the running world’s top coaches. These three should be at the top of any list.

Craftsbury Running Camps, Vermont
Zap Fitness, North Carolina
Flagstaff Adult Running Camp, Arizona

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