The Best Fly-Fishing Rivers: Deerfield River, Massachusetts

I started taking fly-fishing lessons earlier this year, and I’m already starting to get the bug—so to speak—for the sport. What are your favorite fly-fishing rivers in the Northeast?

Aug 24, 2012
Outside Magazine

Deerfield River    Photo: Bob Shand/Flickr


Bostonians are quick to head north for outdoor adventure, so they often overlook the easily accessible Berkshire Mountains in the western half of their own state. In turn, the well-known but barely used Deerfield River in northwestern Massachusetts is a quiet treasure for anglers and whitewater kayakers. It’s well stocked all the way from the Vermont border until it meets the Connecticut River in Greenfield, though the best fishing is found furthest upstream. Harrison Anglers is your best bet for guiding.

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