Ski Spring Break: Mammoth

My college roommates and I are planning a last-minute spring break ski trip, but we don’t know where to go yet. Which resort has the après ski scene for the college or post-college crowd? It has to be somewhere in North America, preferably out West.

Mar 6, 2013
Outside Magazine
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Mammoth Mountain.    Photo: Vivian Fung/Shutterstock


What’s great about Mammoth in the Sierra Nevada is that it’s just close enough to Southern California to lure the fit, health-crazy-but-party-loving people who live there, but far enough away that mostly only hard-core skiers make the six-hour drive.

APRES: For many years, the Yodler Bar used to be the nightlife nexus at Mammoth. Now the place for people in the know is the upstairs bar during happy hour at Whiskey Creek Mountain Bistro, where Mammoth Brewing Company beers are concocted.