What Are the World’s Greatest Canyons?

I’m a fan of the Grand Canyon, but I’ve visited there a few times now and I’m looking for something new. Where can I find a canyon that puts the Grand to shame?

Jun 19, 2013
Outside Magazine
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   Photo: evantravels/Shutterstock


There’s no shortage of incredible fissures in our planet’s surface, but picking the biggest and best gets complicated. Do we measure length, depth, width? Overall volume? Does scenery trump size? And considering some, like a handful of monsters in the Himalayas,  aren’t readily accessible to humans, can we even get accurate measurements?

We do know this much:The Grand Canyon is one mile deep, 277 river miles long, and is an average of 10 miles wide from rim to rim. Here are five more canyons that can take your breath away just as well.

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon
Verdon Gorge
Cotahuasi Canyon and Colca Canyon
Copper Canyon
Fish River Canyon