What Are the Best Winter Retreats in the Caribbean?

I want some sun, sand, and drinks with umbrellas in them this winter. What are the most overrated and underrated Caribbean destinations?

Jan 30, 2013
Outside Magazine
antigua caribbean winter vacation getaway

A placid beach on the isle of Antigua.    Photo: Luis Santos/Shutterstock


Overrated destinations don’t exist—only unimaginative travelers. You can turn any trip, even to the lamest of foreign tourist traps, into a cultural adventure with a little planning and research. So, instead of focusing on a specific “overrated” country or town, I’ll point out a couple of popular, well-known resorts—which we’ll call “overrated”—that you can probably erase from your must-visit list. (Hint, you’ll notice that I can’t stand massive, self-contained, all-inclusive resorts filled with Americans who never venture off-property.) I’ll also recommend some quiet spots—for our purposes: “underrated”—that might be off your radar.

Coconut Beach Club, Antigua
Excellence, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Jungle Bay, Dominica
The Royal, Cancun, Mexico