Seeing the Aurora Borealis: Fairbanks, Alaska

I’ve always wanted to watch the Northern Lights over the night sky. Where’s the best place to go see them?

Feb 4, 2013
Outside Magazine
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The lights in Fairbanks bring color to every night.    Photo: Dhanachote Vongprasert/Shutterst


The clouds can sometimes cover Fairbanks in the winter, and on occasion the Northern Lights don’t dip far enough south to ignite the sky over town, but it’s the most civilized—and easiest-to-access—place to base your Aurora hunt from during the long Alaska winter. Stay at the Aurora Borealis Lodge—on a hilltop about 20 miles outside the city, with views in every direction of the night sky—or take one of its viewing tours, which cost $75, including transportation from town. Rates for the main lodge start at $199 per night.

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