The Best Urban Camping: Boston Harbor Islands

Which major city has the best camping?

Sep 26, 2012
Outside Magazine
Grape Island

Trail on Grape Island.    Photo: DickClarkMises


The camping on the uninhabited, wooded specks of land dotting Boston Harbor is one of the city's underappreciated resources. There are 10 individual sites and one group site open on Grape and Bumpkin islands, and six individual and two group sites on Lovells Island, all reachable by ferry. A new camping area and yurts will also be available on semi-developed Peddocks Island in 2013. Small campfires are permitted on the beach below the high tide line, but the camping is supremely rustic—no bathrooms or showers. The nights and early mornings are glorious, as the buzz of boat traffic and airport diminish, and the sounds of nature take over.

COST: $6 per night for a campsite.

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