America's Best Hamburgers: Hillbilly Hot Dogs

I’m about to take a month-long road trip with a couple of buddies. We’d like to turn it into a junk food tour of America. Where can we find the best hamburgers?

May 10, 2012
Outside Magazine
Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Hillbilly Hot Dogs    Photo: youngamerican/Wikimedia Commons


Just north of Huntington, West Virginia, in the town of Lesage, you’ll find Hillbilly Hot Dogs, a down-home country joint known for colossal dogs like the 15-inch Home Wrecker. But its burgers are just as amazing (and gluttonous). The Bubba Single Wide is made from a five-pound beef patty. Dining options include outdoor picnic tables, or the inside of two old church buses joined together.

Work off the calories: Woodsy 3,100-acre Beech Fork State Park is one of the most popular mountain bike areas in the region. The rollercoaster trails are rooty and challenging. Jeff’s Bike Shop in Huntington can provide more information.

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