America's Best Hamburgers: Cherry Cricket

I’m about to take a month-long road trip with a couple of buddies. We’d like to turn it into a junk food tour of America. Where can we find the best hamburgers?

May 10, 2012
Outside Magazine
Cherry Cricket

The Cherry Cricket    Photo: Marc Hughes


Though gimmicky toppings are usually the sign of a bland burger, that doesn't hold at the Cherry Cricket in Denver. There are 25 different toppings you can place on your half-pound Cricket Burger, ranging from the usual (white cheddar) to the interesting (herbed cream cheese) to the downright peculiar (peanut butter).

Work off the calories: Go for a trail run on the seven-mile Green Mountain loop, just outside the city in 2,400-acre William F. Hayden Park in Lakewood. You’ll climb 800 feet to the 6,800-foot peak along the way. You'll be running through rolling grasslands, not woods, so bring sunscreen.

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