The East's Best Beers: Cold Mountain Winter Ale

This may sound silly, but I plan trips to mountain towns around the brews that flow from their taps. What would you say are the East’s best craft and microbrews that come from mountain towns?

Jan 7, 2013
Outside Magazine
beer Cold Mountain Winter Ale micro brew craft brew

Cold Mountain Winter Ale.    Photo: Radiomayonnaise/Flickr


Highland Brewing Company
Asheville, North Carolina

Highland Brewing in Asheville throws an annual party for its pre-Thanksgiving launch of the ever-popular, seasonal Cold Mountain Ale—and locals literally rush the grocery stores and bars to get their hands on some. Seriously, the beer is that good. On first taste you’ll notice the vanilla, which blends with the malt and hint of hops to create a warm, bold-but-not-overwhelming flavor. If you’re planning a trip to Asheville because of beer, make sure it’s in November or December so you don’t miss out on Cold Mountain Ale.