The East's Best Beers: Ninja Porter

This may sound silly, but I plan trips to mountain towns around the brews that flow from their taps. What would you say are the East’s best craft and microbrews that come from mountain towns?

Jan 7, 2013
Outside Magazine
Ninja Porter Asheville Brewing beer North Carolina

Ninja Porter.    Photo: Francis Danforth/Flickr


Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company
Asheville, North Carolina

You can sometimes find Ninja Porter in bottles at local markets, but they sell out fast—so the only place to be assured of securing some is at one of the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company’s two locations. And this beer is worth the trip. It’s dark and full-flavored without being heavy, giving you soft hints of black coffee and chocolate. Bring a growler of this sweet, slightly hoppy brew to a party in Asheville and you’ll be a hero forever.