The Best Backpacker Party Towns: Zagreb, Croatia

I just graduated from college and I'd like to do some traveling this summer. What are the world’s best towns for backpackers who like outdoor adventure—and partying?

May 17, 2012
Outside Magazine

Zagreb from Mt. Medvednica via Shutterstock    Photo: XBRCHX


This city on the Sava River is the true junction of West and East in Europe—though thankfully it mostly maintains Eastern prices. You can party all night at one of its countless nightclubs and stumble back to your room for pennies on the dollar compared to towns in Germany, France or Spain.

Outdoor adventure: A day hike or a mountain bike ride on the slopes of Mt. Medvednica, which is protected by a surrounding nature preserve and towers over the city, is probably Zagreb’s most accessible adventure pursuit. A cable car can drop you off near the peak.

Hostel: The cozy Fulir Hostel Zagreb offers four-, six-, and 10-bed mixed dorm rooms and a private room near the central square. Prices start at $18 per night.

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