The Best Beach Hikes: Lost Coast Trail, California

I plan to go backpacking on a beach this summer in the Pacific Northwest. Do you have any recommendations?

Jul 2, 2012
Outside Magazine
hiking california beach humboldt county

Lost Coast Trail via Shutterstock    Photo: James R T Bossert


In many ways, wild, misty Humboldt County in Northwest California seems like its own world—from the Douglas firs and giant redwoods that inhabit so much of its 2.3 million acres to the vast hidden pot farms for which the area is infamous. But nowhere is the otherworldliness more captivating than on the 25-mile Lost Coast Trail through the King Range National Conservation Area. Go on a weekday and you'll share the sights with seals and little else as you trek across jagged ridges and through stands of old-growth trees.

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