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Igloo Tools: BCA A-2 EXT With Saw

I want to build an igloo. What kind of tools do I need?

Igloo Tools: BCA A-2 EXT With Saw

BCA A-2 EXT With Saw. Photo: Courtesy of BCA

The A-2 is a 1.9-pound combination snow saw and shovel from Backcountry Access. The shovel blade is made from strong 6061 aluminum. Assembled, it measures 30.5 inches, but packs down to 17 inches.

It’s obviously useful to have a shovel on hand if your aim is to build a backcountry snow shelter, but we were a little disappointed in the A-2’s saw blade length—only 11.5 inches. In our experience, that’s a little short for cutting blocks for an igloo. ($90)

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