Coyotes Move Into Abandoned House

Canines trigger animal-rights row in L.A.

A pack of coyotes has taken up residence in a fire-damaged and abandoned house in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, worrying neighbors and sparking a controversy over animal rights. A family of two adults and up to five cubs was spotted earlier this summer and traced back to the house, which is awaiting demolition after it was destroyed in a November fire. Los Angeles County officials announced a plan to evict the animals and evaluate whether traps or lethal force would be used. But as media coverage of the coyotes expanded last week, animal-welfare groups petitioned Glendale’s mayor—who lives next door—to keep the coyotes alive and unharmed. The house could be demolished within days, and for now the problem may have resolved itself: after last week's commotion, the coyotes haven't been seen back in the neighborhood.

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