Alex Honnold Hits the Small Screen

On 60 Minutes, climber solos Sentinel Rock

CBS featured climber and free soloist Alex Honnold on Sunday's edition of 60 Minutes in a segment that followed Honnold on a ropeless ascent of Yosemite's 1,600-foot Sentinel Rock. Honnold soloed the Chouinard-Herbert route in mid-June, racing up in an hour and a half. CBS stationed six cameramen along the route and used 16 cameras, including four wall-mounted units. The segment included interviews with both Honnold and Yosemite legend John Long and was one of the most high-profile media appearances by a rock climber in recent memory. "There is no adrenaline rush, you know?" Honnold told CBS's Lara Logan. "Like if I get a rush, it means that something has gone horribly wrong, you know? Because the whole thing should be pretty slow and controlled."

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