Hogs Run Riot After Zoo Escape

Hundreds of visitors shelter in monkey house

Visitors to the Edinburgh Zoo on Monday were forced to take shelter in the monkey enclosure after a family of large red river hogs escaped their pen and had to be subdued with tranquilizer darts. Zoo staffers were transferring the two 200-pound adult hogs and two adolescent hogs to a private collection when one of the adults broke through a barrier and the rest of the clan followed suit. Staff were seen chasing the animals with brooms before finally shooting them with a tranquilizer gun. Zoo patrons took to Twitter to report the ordeal. “Back in hiding in the monkey house!" wrote Twitter user @mangotree_80. "Red riverhogs still causing chaos! Brief interlude into the pandas then herded back to the monkey house.” A spokesperson for the zoo said the staff was able to safely recapture the animals in a short amount of time.

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