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Rogue Wave Hits Couple, Killing Husband

Elderly pair dragged out to sea

An elderly American couple was dragged out to sea after being hit by a giant wave while walking along a Baja California beach in Los Cabos, Mexico. The husband, 72-year-old Ted Park, drowned in the incident, according to an Associated Press report. A navy boat discovered his body about 800 yards from where the wave initially hit. Park’s wife, 66-year-old Shinae, survived but suffered spinal injuries and respiratory problems as a result. The couple was visiting from Walnut Creek, California. Due to privacy concerns, the U.S. State Department would not release any information beyond confirming that a U.S. citizen had been killed. According to State Department statistics, 51 U.S. citizens have drowned in Mexico over the last two years.

Via Los Angeles Times

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