Giant Cave Discovered in Iran

Ghar-e-Dosar is fourth-biggest chamber

A massive cave room surveyed in Iran last year was confirmed this week to be the fourth-largest subterranean chamber in the world. Located in central Iran near the city of Mehriz, Ghar-e-Dosar covers an area of about 20 acres, descending to a maximum depth of 469 feet. A three-person team measured the cave in February 2012, and used AutoCAD software to estimate the total size of the chamber. Notably, the cavern is easily accessible from the surface via a 130-foot-long passage. While large, Ghar-e-Dosar is a long way from capturing the title of world's biggest cave: it's about half the size of the current record-holder, Malaysia's Sarawak Chamber.

Via Caving News

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