Washington Best State for Cyclists

North Dakota is the worst

Washington is the best state for bikers, while North Dakota is the least cycle-friendly, according to the League of American Bicyclists' annual ranking. The League ranked all 50 states in five categories: legislation and enforcement; policies and programs; infrastructure and funding; education and encouragement; and evaluation and planning.

Colorado also put in a notable showing this year, jumping from fourth to second place. "An important part of making Colorado the healthiest state is encouraging people to be more active in their everyday routines,” Governor John Hickenlooper said. “We’re proud that our bicycle-friendly policies have skyrocketed Colorado’s rank up 20 places in just five years, and we are committed to being number one in the near future.”

On the other end of the scale, North Dakota dropped to last place this year after ranking 49th in 2012. The Roughrider State was the only one in the League's ranking to score from 0-20% in every category.

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