WATCH: Olympic Sprinter Loses to Robot

Adam Gemili loses by .1 seconds

Adam Gemili, a British sprinter training for the 100m, lost a race this week to BRIAN the Robot, who edged out his human opponent with a time of 10.1 seconds. The 19-year-old runner, who reached the 100m semi-finals at last summer’s London Olympics, posted a 10.2. The promotional race began when Gemili and the robot (more likely an intern) disagreed on Twitter over which one was the fastest. Video of their race can be viewed here:

In Gemili’s defense, BRIAN does appear to begin forward motion before the start, and exhibits poor sportsmanship with his smug dismissal of human ability. Gemili will race at next month’s World Athletics Championships in Moscow, where he is expected to shine against human competition.

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