Three Gored at Running of the Bulls

American loses spleen

Three people were gored at the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, on Friday, including an American who had to undergo surgery after taking a horn to the abdomen. Patrick Ekols, 20, had to have his spleen removed, and is now in stable condition, according to Navarra Hospital chief Juan Sesma.

Besides Ekols, two Spaniards were injured by bulls, including one who was gored in the groin and legs. Friday's five-minute event lasted almost twice as long as typical runs, due in part to a lone bull that split from the pack and charged at runners before being lured to the pen at the city's bull ring, according to Fox News.

The Running of the Bulls is the highlight of the nine-day Fiesta de San Fermin, for which Pamplona is best known. Fifteen people have been killed by bulls during the festival since 1924.

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