WATCH: Whale Almost Eats Diver

Humpback was looking for sardines

Photo: whale almost eats divers california humpback humpbacks

Whales have never been known to intentionally chase or harm humans, but two central California divers almost found out what its like to be their prey when they narrowly avoided the gaping maws of two lunge-feeding humpbacks.

Divers Shawn Stamback and Francis Antigua were taking a break between scuba dives, snorkeling among a school of sardines, when they sensed something approaching. “When we got in, the whales were about a quarter of a mile away,” Stamback said. Little did they know the whales were keen on the sardines and closing fast.

Humpbacks can weigh up to 40 tons and NOAA’s whale-watching guidelines recommend that boaters stay at least 100 yards from the majestic creatures. Fortunately, none of the divers were hurt.

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