Eco-Goats to Tend Congressional Cemetery

Will be clearing weeds for our forefathers

(Wikimedia Commons)
goats Historic Congressional Cemetery tending gardening landscaping

Goats. Mysterious symbols of the occult, kings of the mountain ranges, and now, caretakers of our forefathers. Starting August 7, a heard of 100 goats will begin tending Washington D.C.’s Historic Congressional Cemetery as part of a new green landscaping initiative.

The goats will graze 24 hours a day, devouring weeds, vines and all manner of unwanted debris. They’ll even fertilize the fields for free! “The revolutionary use of eco-goats eliminates the need for harmful herbicides and prevents the invasive and often foreign species from killing large mature trees in the cemetery’s wooded area,” says the Association For The Preservation Of Historic Congressional Cemetery.

Among the residents who will be enjoying the goats’ company are deceased FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, Civil War photographer Matthew Brady, and Choctaw Indian chief, Push-ma-ta-ha.

Goats have also been used for landscaping purposes at San Francisco’s International Airport, where the presence of the endangered red-legged frogs made the use of pesticides impossible.

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