WATCH: Kangaroo and Dog Tussle

Video sparking anger

Photo: Scott_Calleja/Flickr

Two controversial video clips have surfaced of a dog getting into a tussle with a kangaroo. According to Anthony Gill, the video's uploader, his dog Max bolted and chased a mob of kangaroos 500 meters down an old fire trail. Gill then got into his "ute" and "drove to find him circling this roo and initially not doing anything." He said he and his four-year-old daughter dragged the dog away from the kangaroos three times.

Despite the ominous title "Kangaroo Tries to Drown Dog," Gill says he only posted the video as "fair warning."

That hasn't deterred criticism. One commenter wrote, "You are completely stupid ... You´╗┐ let your dogs annoy the kangaroo, but when the kangaroo takes advantage you complain ... ?"

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