Marijuana Farmer Killed by His Own Booby Trap

Illegal farm in upstate New York

(Wikimedia Commons)
pot marijuana daniel ricketts albany county dead booby trap piano wire illegal plantation

An upstate New York marijuana grower was killed Saturday when he fell prey to one of his own booby traps.

Daniel Ricketts was believed to be drunk when he drove his quad bike into a barely-visible piano wire that he had strung up around his marijuana crops in Albany County. The 50-year-old was thrown from the bike, his head almost entirely separated from his body.

Hikers spotted the body and alerted the authorities. Ricketts was pronounced dead on the scene. Officials on site also uncovered extensive barbwire and a leg trap, presumably for meant for coyotes. Ricketts was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, growers are not uncommon in the rural area. “They go up there and they'll grow marijuana on a lot of the state lands. Fortunately hikers, people out and about, neighbors will call us and they'll tell us,” he told CBS 6.

Officers removed the plants from the property and are "continuing the investigation."

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