Motorcyclist Found Alive After 4 Months in the Andes

Bike broke down in the mountains

(Wikimedia Commons)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons survival andes lost 4 months four months biking cyclist Raul Fernando Gomez

Authorities in Argentina say a 58-year-old man has been rescued and is in good health after spending four months lost in the Andes. Emergency services say Raul Fernando Gomez, originally from Uruguay, lost about 45 pounds and was severely dehydrated but is expected to recover.

Gomez went missing in May while trying to cross the Andes between Chile and Argentina by motorcycle. When his bike broke down, he tried to make the journey on foot but became disoriented by two heavy snowfalls.

When asked how he survived, Gomez said he lived off sugar and raisins that he had with him, as well as caches of food he found in mountain shelters. He also trapped and ate rats, according to USA Today.

UPDATE: Original sources for this brief indicated that Gomez was a cyclist. We now know that he was traveling by motorcycle in an attempt to evade an arrest warrant. More as the story develops.

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