WATCH: Boulder Floods, Residents Kayak

Dozens of people stranded

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Flash floods in northern Colorado have left at least three people dead and many residents and motorists in and around Boulder stranded. Rescue crews have been hampered by widespread high waters and outages, and the National Weather Service has called the flooding an "extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation."

According to the Denver Post, the National Guard has been called in to help rescue stranded citizens and towns cut off by the flood, but weather conditions have limited the use of rescue helicopters.

Below we’ve rounded up the most incredible videos of the flooding, filmed by Boulder residents over the past 24 hours.  

Some footage from the northeast edge of boulder showing the extent of the flooding.

Not everyone is hunkering down. Here, an enterprising kayaker takes on the swollen Boulder Creek. According to the description, the creek is running at 1,800 cfs.

Lacking a kayak, these Boulder bros (Broulders?) have taken to riding a mountain bike upstream in a city underpass.

Near the CU Boulder campus, students have chosen to wait out the disaster by tubing in the foot tunnels.

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