British Climber Killed at Aoraki-Mount Cook

Second death in two days

(Wikimedia Commons)
mount sefton Aoraki-Mount Cook new zealand robert buckley climbing fall death Duncan Rait

A British climber is dead after falling 2,000 feet from Mount Sefton in New Zealand’s Aoraki-Mount Cook national park. Robert Buckley was climbing to the Sefton Bivvy with three others Saturday when he fell. They were reportedly within 80 meters of their destination when he fell.

Buckley’s companions called for help and then became trapped on the peak. They were rescued the next morning and released by medical staff after an examination. According to a police statement, the climbers were underequipped and too inexperienced for that particular climb.

Buckley’s death comes just one day after 36-year-old Duncan Rait also fell to his death in the very same park. Police spokesman Dave Gaskin said in a statement that these deaths were a strong reminder to climbers to exercise extreme caution.

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