Armstrong Financier Complicit in Doping, According to Emma O'Reilly

Thom Weisel and Mark Gorski implicated

Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani climb together during the Tour. (placid casual/Flickr)
Photo: placid casual/Flickr

According to Lance Armstrong's former employee, two of his finaciers were involved in his doping activities. Emma O'Reilly has stated in a sworn affidavit that Mark Gorski and Thom Weisel were present when masking Armstrong's doping was discussed. The affidavit was published last year, but many of the names were redacted.

According to the New York Daily News, O'Reilly stated:

"I remember being in a room with Lance, Thom Weisel and Mark Gorski when the three of them came up with the explanation for the presence of corticosteroids in Lance's sample," O'Reilly claims in the affidavit. "I was giving Lance a massage at the time, and the three of them were talking about what needed to be done in order to excuse Lance's positive test."
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