Climber Finds Treasure on Mont Blanc

May be from old plane crash

(Mille Pattes Macon/Flickr)
Photo: Mille Pattes Macon/Flickr Mont-Blanc Marathon France trail running running marathon

A French mountaineer has found a trove of jewels near the summit of Mont Blanc. According to the Guardian, the young man came across a metal box, containing emerald, rubies and saphires, that is thought to have come from an Air India crash some 50 years ago.

CNN reports that the stones are not being explicitly identified, but that their worth is estimated between $175,000 and $332,000.

The climber is being commended for handing in the box at a local police station. "This was an honest young man who very quickly realised that they belonged to someone who died on the glacier," police chief Sylvain Merly told AFP.

The find was made on the Bossons glacier, which has seen a number of historic Air India crashes. 

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