Four Die in Avalanche on Everest

Group was exploring off-limits area

North Base Camp at Mount Everest (oemaix/Flickr)
Photo: oemaix/Flickr Everest Outside Online

Three Tibetan guides and one Australian tourist died in a slide on Mount Everest early this week. Xinhua News Agency reports the four men were part of a ten-person group that traveled to an off-limits area on Sunday. The group, lead by a local tourist agency, camped at the foot of the mountain without permission and was hit by a large avalanche.

The three Tibetan porters were killed during the avalanche and the 60-year-old Australian was rescued but died as a result of altitude sickness, poor health, and age, reports the Associated Press.

The same avalanche left 154 people stranded throughout the region.

For more on the dangers of Everest for Sherpas, see Grayson Schaffer's feature story "The Disposable Man" from Outside's August issue.


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